Expert Witness - Film & Electrolytic Capacitors

Dr. Hudis is a polymeric film and Electrolytic Capacitor expert. Services offered include forensic studies covering fire origin analysis, litigation expert witness and product analysis including performance and construction testing. Technical consulting includes but is not limited to product and manufacturing design, development, accelerated life testing, quality control systems and evaluation plus patent reviews.

Dr. Martin Hudis has over 30 years of power component development and engineering experience. Thirteen of these 33 years have been with metallized film capacitors, eleven years as the VP of engineering for Aerovox, Inc. Martin is approaching his 10th year on the CARTS program committee, is on the US TAG (technical advisor group) committee for the 13 IEC film capacitors standards, has 7 patents and over 30 papers dealing with film capacitors and dielectric science, has served on IEEE subcommittees (transformer and switchgear), and has taught power system engineering courses as a visiting lecturer at both San Diego State College and University of MA (Dartmouth Campus). Martin has a PhD in applied plasma physics from MIT and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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