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The M&H Group serves the entire spectrum of the film capacitor market offering a wide range of services to capacitor manufacturers, OEM purchasers of capacitors and R&D laboratories. Services offered enable customers to:

Capacitor Manufacturers

  • expand existing product offerings
  • design and manufacture new product families
  • improve product reliability
  • decrease manufacturing costs
  • improve quality control
  • pass accelerated life test, certification tests (UL, VDE, CSA . . .), bump tests and pulse tests
  • identify and reach new customers

OEM Purchasers of Capacitors

  • increase product reliability and availability through decreasing capacitor failures
  • decrease manufacturing costs related to capacitor purchases, mounting and monitoring
  • decrease product maintenance costs through decreasing capacitor related field failures
  • decrease BOM costs through new capacitor designs
  • maintain product quality through
    • initial and on-going capacitor testing
    • monitoring supplier data for consistency and reliability
    • supplier evaluation and audit failure analyses

R&D Laboratories

  • develop new applications that require cutting edge capacitor designs
  • test new materials with possible capacitor applications

More Information

A more detailed explanation of design, engineering, manufacturing and quality capabilities is below.

Power film capacitor design - both evaluating existing designs for optimal fulfillment of specification requirements and proposing alternative designs. Design capabilities include the following capacitor categories:

  • Wet metal and plastic case self protected
  • Wet and dry plastic case, both self protected and non protected
  • Axial wrap and fill both self protected (segmented films) and non protected
  • Three phase metal case both wet and dry and self protected power factor correction
  • Energy discharge pulsing capacitors, dry and wet technologies, plastic and metal case technologies, standard and low inductance bushing designs
  • DC rated capacitors for the full range of power conversion applications including metallized film, metallized paper, and film foil technologies.

Application engineering (subset of design) - required to ensure each capacitor is the optimal choice for it given application. Application engineering capabilities include:

  • Meet and receive certifications from UL, CSA, IEC, VDE and other standards which relate to capacitors
  • Establish, interpret and evaluate capacitor specifications
  • Select the lowest cost film capacitor technology for the specific application
  • Create a database quote systems for capturing and tracking quotes

Power film capacitor manufacturing - both evaluating an existing manufacturing system to ensure it will produce a consistent, high quality capacitor to the required specifications, or creating the optimal manufacturing layout. Manufacturing capabilities include: Manufacturing equipment specification, evaluation and selection:

  • Manufacturing equipment specification, evaluation and selection:
  • Winding machines
  • Schooping process
  • Drill, bush and clear process
  • Lead attachment
  • Assembly
  • Impregnation/potting/wrap and fill
  • Testing
  • Product manufacturing flow, plant layout
  • Test equipment specification and basic design
  • Data collection systems
  • Design of impregnation and drying systems
  • IE (industrial engineering) systems and routed labor
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Specification and application of plastic molded parts
  • Material handling systems
  • Traveler systems for material flow through the plant

Quality Control System specification, design, evaluation and analysis - evaluate existing systems and recommend changes to yield perfect scorecards for each capacitor specification. M&H also can evaluate quality data and make required design, manufacturing or measurement recommendations if quality is not at the required level. Such services could include:

  • Documentation system for ISO 9001, 2000
  • Tear down analysis with FAR (failure analysis reports) CAR (corrective action reports) documentation
  • SPC (statistical process control) station by station
  • Product line control plans
  • FMEA’s, failure mode and effects analysis
  • Process documentation
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Design and operation of accelerated life testing systems
  • Weibull reliability modeling
  • Data base systems for data collection, analysis and trending

Engineering support - documentation, specifcation and analysis of all engineering functions required for optimal design and manufacturing. Engineer support involves designing and implementing an engineering system including documentation, design procedures, manufacturing procedures and testing procedures required to manufacturer a quality product. It could include producing:

  • Bill of material documentation
  • Material and test specifications
  • Form part and assembly drawings
  • Assembly procedures for single and multi-section capacitors
  • Material compatibility testing and evaluation
  • Computer design programs
  • DOE (design of experiments) to model performance and optimize designs

Some specific examples of possible activities M & H Group might perform include:

  • Develop capacitor specification for sourcing
  • Evaluate capacitor quotes against specification
  • Evaluate capacitor performance from accelerated life test data
  • Screen capacitor manufacturing plants for possible selection
  • Work with vendors/customers to develop next generation capacitor design
  • Work with vendors/customers to develop and implement a quality system with the ability for improved reliability
  • Evaluate potential new film capacitor technologies like a self-protected large dry power film capacitor with is protected against a catastrophic failure mode.
  • Design and build an accelerated life test facility for product evaluation
  • Develop capacitor specifications with form, fit and function equivalent to existing products

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